The Family Business!

A little over 20 years ago a piece of paradise tucked away in the bay of plenty was chosen to establish a beautiful grove of avocado trees.

The custodians are a small but dedicated team – consisting of myself Tracy, Assistant Manager Mila – 3 years and fully in charge!  Mila’s 2IC is Troy, not so young in dog years but very loyal and never far away.

Our aim is simple, to do what we do well, and provide a high-quality product to you.  After 8 years of sending the “good stuff” to our cousins across the ditch we thought heck no! We should be sharing these lovelies with the people from the land of the long white cloud.  So, whether you live in the winterless north or roll your R’s down south, we want you to be able to have the same quality of fruit that is usually only sent off shore.  It’s easy – you order, we pick, pack and send within 24 hours.

So, in partnership with mother nature almost a quarter of a century on I am proud to be able to nurture and continue to grow these beautiful fruit as was first intended – from my trees to your table.