10+ Late Season Spray Free Avos - Out of Stock

10+ Late Season Spray Free Avos - Out of Stock

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Normally at this late stage of our season we would have bid you farewell by now, but we still have Avos on the trees and we are not ready to say "Goodbye" just yet.


With the harsh summers sun and our commitment to being a spray free orchard means some of the Avo skins are getting a hard time and look a little less than perfect, but lets not judge a book by its cover, the fruit are still beautiful inside and a late season Avo is so much creamier.

As the Avos may be smaller than at the start of the season, this box will have between 10-15 Avos depending on the size.

Creamy and Delicious

All Avos are picked on Sunday and couriered on Monday, our Avos are never coolstored and are handled and packed with extreme care by only me!!!